UAV Services

EnTech’s UAV technology, combined with our expertise in engineering, is a cost-effective solution that simplifies the various steps of on-site surveying and inspections. Using a UAV, you’ll have quick access to data, without having to deploy a team on-site for conventional data collection.

Equipped with high-definition cameras and image stabilizers, our UAV can fly sufficiently close to buildings, bridges, substations and other infrastructure to perform the necessary inspections and observations. High resolution photos can then be analyzed for deficiencies.

Utilizing a UAV, combined with precise measuring instruments, allows the collection of highly precise survey data in high traffic or difficult to access areas which would otherwise be hazardous using conventional methods. 

UAV’s have the capacity to operate at altitudes and in restrictive areas which are difficult to access using conventional methods. This technology allows the capture of aerial images, even in far-away places, while considerably reducing execution time.

Our experts at EnTech work together with you to collect the data for your projects. We analyze your needs and carry out the flight mission to collect the data. This data is then used to produce various reports that are used to carry out in-depth analyses whether it be aerial mapping or creation of contours for a design surface. Using a drone in the construction field simplifies these operations while reducing operating costs and delays.

  • Land Surveying & Topographic Mapping
  • 3D Modeling
  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Infrastructure & Bridge inspections
  • Aerial Mapping & Photos
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Substation & Powerline Inspections
  • Fish & Wildlife Surveys