Water Resources

Entech Water Resources

Managing water resources for the purpose of providing a sufficient supply of clean water is crucial to protecting public health and fostering economic growth. At the same time, communities and agencies must address problems related to flood and storm water management.

EnTech personnel have a wealth of experience in identifying demands and addressing those demands with water resource solutions. We are well-versed in the engineering aspects of water resource development, as well as in Wyoming water rights laws, policies and issues.

EnTech personnel are proficient in developing and/or expanding public water systems, including the design and construction of transmission mains, distribution systems and water storage facilities. They are also experienced in watershed hydrology, often times used for the purpose of planning and implementing storm water management plans, drainage structures and land use planning. As a result, EnTech can work with its clients to evaluate various alternatives and identify the best overall approach to meeting the client’s needs in these vital areas.

Water Resources Projects

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Water Development Clearwell

Water Development Commission Projects

For the past two decades, EnTech has prepared numerous master...
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Beckton Hall Road Energy Recovery Project

(Hydro Turbine Project) EnTech, working with an internationally-recognized engineering firm,...
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goose creek city div dam

Goose Creek Watershed Study

Working for the Wyoming Water Development Commission, EnTech prepared a...
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